The change in lawn maintenance service last Spring has been beneficial. There have been a number of comments about the extra care that is being given to our property. We are working with arborists to keep our trees in good shape. We still have some concern with the one oak at the 4623 side of the courtyard entrance. It is looking better but still being monitored. (The oak that was on the 4621 side was removed early last year.) . The irrigation system was checked and repaired where needed.

The street side landscaping has been undergoing upgrading. There are plans for the addition of shade tolerant trees along the sidewalk in front of 4623. The back alleyway has had the irrigation system significantly cut back to only the trees and shrubs. The remainder of the area is covered with river rock. We have not yet implemented the conversation area along the back alleyway facing the golf course.

The courtyard lighting change over was completed in April. The final light along the 21 alleyway was just completed. The illumination the new lights provides appears to cover a wider area than the previous fixtures. New lighting along the alleyways has a larger area of coverage. The front potion of the 23 building has illumination to provide additional security by reducing the shadowed areas. The next step with be the 25 and 27 street-side illumination. All the lighting is low energy LED lights.

Current Heritage Place HOA Items:

  • The Frequently Asked Questions page provides additional information regarding living in our neighborhood.
  • Throughout the year the wild creatures are also exploring their territories. This is a reminder to keep garage doors closed when the garage is not being used. As the dryness of summer develops, many animals search for water and coolness. During Fall, creatures look for places to live during the winter. In the Winter, creatures look for better homes. And, in Spring, there are the offspring and the cycle starts again..