Heritage Place HomeOwners Association

We are located within the Onion Creek Country Club neighborhood and are part of the Onion Creek HomeOwners Association [OCHOA]. We are a condo community of 20 homes built in a New Orleans style layout. This web site serves as a communication tool for our HOA residents.. ...
The pictures below are from our courtyards with the new lights. The left hand one is from the 25-27 courtyard . The right hand picture is from the 21-23 courtyard.

Spring 2019


OCHOA items

With the increase in open land, the deer population has been increasing. We recently see a couple of the young bucks practicing the use of their newly grown antlers. No matter how cute, they are still wild animals and potentiality dangerous if excited.

The Onion Creek HOA web site is http://www.onioncreekhoa.org.

Residents need to sign in to access the Onion Creek resident information. The revamped offices have extended hours, which are available on the website.

Check the Info and FAQ pages for additional information.